Well Spring Acupuncture & Energy Healing in Hobart and Tinderbox

Thank you for stepping into my website. You may be seeking acupuncture for pain relief from physical, mental or emotional causes, which along with additional techniques such as cupping and moxa can be very effective. Are you feeling stressed, anxious, run down or unmotivated? Suffering from persistent headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain? If you're looking for a relaxing drug-free therapy, try Acupuncture.

At Well Spring Acupuncture, Alison creates a caring and supportive space, is a good listener, fully qualified and AHPRA registered with over 10 years experience. 

Well Spring Acupuncture has 2 clinics at Tinderbox, near Blackmans Bay and Palfrymans Arcade, North Hobart.  

Increasingly I'm finding clients are seeking heart centred treatments, connecting to their inner self, to spirit and consciousness to gain greater self-knowledge, stability and empowerment. In these times of uncertainty and fear facing worldwide health issues and the effects of climate warming obvious to all, we are at a turning point, a critical time for us all and the planet. The need for us to connect deeply to the earth, to spirit and our guides and activate the power of love, light, grace and gratitude to transform ourselves individually and collectively has never been more important.

To meet these desires and needs, I offer energy and light healing with powerful selenite light swords, essences, sound and other techniques to open gateways into this timeless self-healing power of transformation. If you are interested, please give me a ring to find out if this resonates with you.

Call 0458 775797 for a FREE 15 minute consult to discuss your health needs.

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