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Well Spring encapsulates the path towards wellbeing linked with spring which epitomises renewed energy, vitality and joy. In Chinese Medicine, the well is the source of deep internal energy and stillness from which good health and activity can flow.

My approach is to look towards your potential health and wellbeing by addressing the root causes rather than being focused solely on the symptoms of pain and disease.

Why Acupuncture

Becoming an acupuncturist wasn't planned although I was shortly to start training in complementary health. Then I fell ill, a month passed and I remained stranded on the sofa with intense nausea, giddyness and headaches. Drugs didn't help and I was feeling rather desperate. One night my inner voice told me to try acupuncture and the immediate response inspired me to start my quest to become an acupuncture practitioner.

Following 3 years of training, I spent over 6 years as an acupuncture practitioner in the UK and set up and managed a successful complementary health practice with several other therapists. Unusually I specialise in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and also 5 Element acupuncture which gives me a greater insight into treating at a deeper mental and emotional level.

Why Tassie is so special

Above all it's the privilege of living and being connected to such a beautiful and mainly pristine natural environment, observing the ever changing weather and seasons. The joy of walking along sandy beaches, often without another soul or bushwalking under the canopy of a pristine ancient rainforest or up kunyani/Mt Wellington to admire the views. Clean air and water to grow our own fruit and vegies and sourcing a wide range of local foods combined with a relaxed lifestyle can't be bettered. Oh yes and my family roots in Tassie go back 3 & 4 generations so it really did feel like returning home.


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